Friday, June 7, 2013

If I remember September correctly, we began the year with a birthday and a lot of pirates in the classroom.
Things have a way of coming around again. 
It is June and we are completing our year with birthday(s),
 and pirates have once again joined our class.
Early in year we had some novice stand up comedians. 
Time and growth has improved their material:
Josiah: Why was 10 afraid of 7?
Morah Katie: (already smiling) Why?
Josiah: 7 8 9.
Morah Katie: (serious giggles) I LOVE that joke, one of my favorites!!
Dena: Knock Knock
Morah Katie: Who's there?
Dena: The little girl.
Morah Katie: The little girl who?
Dena: The little girl who can't reach the bell.
Morah Katie: (serious giggles again) That is very clever!
After a round of Knock Knock jokes,
Tori: Knock Knock
Morah Katie: Who's there?
Tori: Orange.
Morah Katie: Orange who?
Tori: Orange you glad I didn't say knock knock again?
Morah Katie: (more serious giggles) Yes. Yes I am glad.

The year is coming to its close. There is talk of Kindergarten and 1st grade. 
We are all excited about the family BBQ.
In the midst of this exciting week, we saw lots of joy in play and satisfaction in accomplishments.

All this fun can be exhausting.

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