Friday, May 31, 2013

Morah Katie: How many months have we been in school?
Scout: 9
Morah Katie: Wow! That is a long time. If we look at the calendar, what does it tell us?
Dena: The days of the week.
Morah Katie: Yes, it does. What does it tell us about this week?
Josiah: May is almost done.
Morah Katie: What month is after May?
Noah: June and that is summer.
Morah Katie: Next month is June, which means it is the time of the year when I ask you to tell me what you have learned. What have you learned?
Josiah: About the Aleph Bet
Kian: We learned about counting.
Efraim: Soccer 
(note orange cones denoting goal posts, Arron is kicking green ball)
Dena: We learned about the Torah.
Sroli: Singing.

We learned that we can be teachers when we help others.
We learned that we can put sounds together to create words, and read those words.
We learned that we can experiment and discover the fun in science.
We learned that blocks can become castles and temples, or any structure we can imagine.
We learned  public speaking as we took turns to share our special items and answer questions each Friday.
We learned with creativity and determination we know no bounds.

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