Friday, October 18, 2013

Butterfly Butterfly

Butterfly butterfly what lovely wings
Butterfly butterfly how my heart sings
Butterfly butterfly I'd like to know
when it rains, when it rains
where do you go?
Mimi: Behind a bush
Gracie: In a tree
Jack: To it's chrysalis
Ari: Home




We used our feet to create butterflies for our bug wall.
Morah Katie: We need to learn a new word when we talk about butterflies.  
 If we look at their wings, what to we see?
Gracie: They are the same.
Morah Katie: The wings are symmetrical, one side is the same as the other. If we paint one set of toes purple, what will we have to paint the other set?
Gracie: Purple!
By attaching vocabulary and new ideas to art, the children reinforce what is discussed at morning meetings.
Art also helps to refine small motor skills which increases a child's ability to accomplish tasks on their own. 
As the year progresses and my friends' attention spans develop,  more projects will contain multi-step instructions.  This approach utilizes skills and knowledge learned, and increases attention to detail and ability to focus on a task.

We put together a puzzle that had over 47 different butterflies and moths.
We discovered what butterflies eat.
Butterflies eat nectar from flowers, sap from trees and juice from fruits.
Jack: I think they eat pollen.
Morah Katie: When a butterfly lands on a flower it collects pollen on it's legs, and takes it to another flower. Like bees, butterflies help pollination.  
Morah Katie: How do you think a butterfly can drink the fruit from a fruit?
Efraim: Drink it.
Morah Katie: Butterflies have a feeding tube that helps them break the skin on fruit and get to juice to SSSSLLLLLUUUURRRRPPP it up. The tube is called a proboscis. Be a butterfly and show me your proboscis.
At lunch we discussed:
Sroli: I have juice.
Morah Katie: Can you drink your juice like a butterfly?
Sroli: (holding his juice box in hands) I just drink it butterflies just drink it.
Morah Katie: How? Do they hold a juice box in their hands and drink it through a straw?
Abigail: Butterflies  have hands!
Sroli: They drink it.
Morah Katie: Do you have a proboscis?
Sroli: No I just drink it SLUUUUUUUP 
Abigail: They use proboscis.  Why do butterflies drink all the apple juice?
Morah Katie: Do you like apple juice?
Abigail: I like apple juice. 
We used pretzels to make symmetrical wings next to our pear slices for snack.

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