Friday, October 11, 2013

Fireflies in the sky

Connections are being made as our entomologists observe and learn about more insects.
It was discovered that the large cricket book makes a louder cricket chirp then the small cricket book, even though they are the same story.
We wondered what type of butterfly our new caterpillar will transform into. Or will it be a moth? Do all caterpillars transform?

We spent this week learning about an exciting insect: The Firefly
Morah Katie: What makes fireflies so interesting? 
Efraim: Fireflies come out with stars.
Morah Katie: They do. They are a nocturnal insect, they are active at night.
Judah: They have lanterns that light up.
Morah Katie: Where is the lantern?
Sroli: Abdomen!
Gracie: If frogs eat too many fireflies their bellies begin to GLOW!
Morah Katie: Where do fireflies live? 
Jack: KANSAS! 
Efraim: Not Washington.
Zim: They live by water.
We turned off the class lights
        and played "find the firefly".
Fireflies lit up our playground.
As Morah Tzivie mentioned in an email, the children have been creating and decorating Shabbat boxes.
They are very excited as we add each new special element to the box.
We talked this week at group time about why we give tzedakah (charity) each day.
Tzedakah is a mitzvah we can do each day.  When we do this kind mitzvah we ...
Zim: Help people get food and clothes.
When our classroom tzedakah can is full, we transfer it to a plastic bag so the children can see how much money they collected.
It is always an exciting morning when we give Rabbi Greenburg the bag of coins.
The morah's have be making sure that each child has had some coins to share at morning group, please encourage your child to bring some coins from home to share as well.

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