Friday, December 13, 2013

A change in weather

 The weather may feel like Winter, but it is still just Fall!
Our cup of water is STILL frozen!
It was frozen for 7 days!
When we looked on the 8th day, it had melted.
Ella: It's cold!
Zim: It feels cold like ice.
Morah Katie: What is in the tire?
Gracie: Ice.
Amelia: We left the ball out.
Efraim: (laughing) The ball is in ice!

Morah Katie: Why do we have different seasons?
Zim: Hashem made it that way.
Efraim: It gets cold.
Sroli: Leaves fall down. The sun comes out and BAM the snow is (hand motions for disappears) GONE!

Morah Katie: Tell me about Fall.
Efraim: The Earth moves away from the Sun. 
Morah Katie: Does the Earth move away, or does our spot in Vancouver begin to turn away from the Sun during fall?
Efraim: Vancouver moves away, doesn't get a lot of Sun.
Sroli: It comes after Summer.
Jack: Leaves fall down and you can wear a jacket if you need too.

Morah Katie: Tell me about Winter.
Efraim: Snow falls. 
Jack: You HAVE to wear jackets.
Efraim: You can wear a hat.
Amelia: It is cold sun.
Ella: Snowflakes fall.
Jack: You can make snowballs.

Morah Katie: Tell me about Spring.
Efraim: Spring is after Winter.
Sroli: It rains in Spring.
Efraim: Flowers grow. 
Jack: Snow starts to melt.
Sroli: Leaves fall.
Morah Katie: In Fall leaves fall, in Spring they ???
Sroli: Grow, in Spring leaves grow.
Gracie: We get to jump in puddles.
Morah Katie: Why do we get to jump in puddles?
Anton: The rain makes them.
Isaac: It rains in Spring.

Morah Katie: Tell me about Summer.
Sroli: Spring then Summer begins.
Efraim: Sun is out and we to the beach.
Jack: It gets really hot, sometimes you may need a jacket.
Amelia: It's hot sun.

This week we have been learning 2 poems to help us learn the difference in the seasons.
In addition to some seasonal qualities, these poems help develop early literacy.  
The children are recognizing FALL, and can read the color cards.  
With our winter poem, we recognize that words with similar ending sounds rhyme, which aids in reinforcing those particular letter/sound combinations.
Our hands made seasonal pictures.  
A spring ladybug.
Efraim: Bugs come back in spring.  We know bugs.
A summer sun.
Natan: The summer is hot.
A blue winter mitten 
Morah Katie: Scout if you didn't wash your blue hand, what color would your sun be?
Scout: Green.
A red, orange and yellow fall tree.
Jack: Those red leaves already fell.

Morah Katie: Gracie, why are your dressing the weather friend in pants and a coat?
Gracie: Because it is cold outside.
Morah Katie: What if we were in summer?
Gracie: Then I'd put him in shorts.
Abigail: We are making it snow!

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