Friday, December 20, 2013

Weather is hot, 
Weather is cold,
Weather is changing as the weeks unfold.
It is raining,
It is snowing,
It is windy with breezes blowing.
Days are foggy, 
Days are clear,
Weather is changing throughout the year.
We created a rainy day picture which included an Umbrella, rain clouds and rain!
Natan: I sprayed the water. It rained.
We watched "rain clouds" get heavy with raindrops to create a rain storm.
We transformed puffy "clouds" into fog.
After the fog and storm, we created rainbows with colored vinegar and baking soda.
It was discovered when all the colors mix,
Gracie: It gets muddy.
Ella: It looks like a Pepsi!
Anton: He wouldn't wear his pants on his Head!
Isaac: He would be cold but funny.
Looking outside during lunch,
Efraim: It is summer now.
Morah Katie: Is it?
Efraim: Yes. The sun is there.
Sroil: Sun comes in Summer.
Gracie: It's true! because Summer and Sun both sound the same.
Morah Katie: They do have the same beginning sound, and there is a lot of sun during the Summer. Does it feel like Summer?
Gracie: NO.  It's cold. It's winter now. Or it is tomorrow.
While all this exploration of weather was occurring, other fun things happened as well.
Ella: Scout how did you make that fish?
Scout: I drew it.
Ella: But it only has 1 eye, you need an eye.
Scout: I do not,  that is how it is.
Ella: But Fish have 2 eyes.
Morah Katie: Scout, would you like to show Ella one of our toy fish?
Scout: See, one eye one side. I drew this fish.
Ella: Oh. I"m going to choose this butterfly.

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