Friday, February 7, 2014

Bon Jour/Mbote/Habari ya asubuhi
We have traveled to The Democratic Republic of the Congo.
While on a photo safari, we saw gorillas in the rain forest 
and hippos in rivers. 
We spied rhinos and a herd of zebras.
We noticed that children in The Democratic Republic of the Congo are similar to children in the other countries we have visited. 
Morah Katie:  What does every child in The Democratic Republic of the Congo need?
Zim: Food.
Gracie: Shelter.
Sroli: Water
Abigail: Clothes.
Natan: Toys, they want toys.
Morah Katie: What does every child in Botswana, Japan, Israel and Vancouver, Washington need?
Efraim: School. Play.
Abigail: Blankets.
Ella: Shelter.
Sroli: Gloves.
Jack: Food.
Anton: Pets.
Isaac: Pants.
Gracie: They all need it. Everyone. On every continent.

While on this portion of our world wide trip, we enjoyed different varieties of bananas,
Morah Katie: Archie did you like the red banana?
Archie: Yes, red banana.
We ate a traditional sweet treat, Kashata.
Gracie: It tastes like candy.
Jack: It tastes like honey.
Efraim: I like it.
Sroli: It tastes like lollipops.
Natan: It tastes like muffins, I like it.
We made masks.

We were speaking 3 languages this week!
English, French and Swahili.
Good Morning/ Hello: Bon jour/Mbote
Please: S'il vous plait/ Tafadhali
Thank you: Merci/Asante
Goodbye: Au revoir/Kwaheri

Next week we will be taking a side trip back to Asia.
We will be traveling to Sochi, Russia 
for the 
2014 Gan Olympics!!
Be prepared for pageantry and spectacle as 18 capable preschoolers play exciting games of :
Duck duck goose, 
Doggie doggie where's your bone? 
Simon says,  
Musical chairs,
and more!

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