Friday, January 31, 2014

 Dumela! Hello! from Botswana!

Morah Katie: If I wanted to say good morning to Judah, what would I add to Dumela?
Gracie: Rra because he is a boy.
Morah Katie: How do we say good morning to Morah Amanda?
Efraim: Dumela mma because she is Amanda.
We know that tswee tswee is please, and ke a lobogo is thank you.
We weaved baskets and made finger drums.
Morah Katie: What are some things you have in common in the children in Botswana?
Anton: Hats.
Zim: Clothes.
Efraim: They have phones.
Morah Katie: What are some things you all need?
Gracie: Food.
Scout: Somewhere to live.
Zim: A family.
 Amelia: Nora and I have hats like that.
We made models of mud homes we might see in the bush of Botswana.

Natan: They look like houses.
Gracie: They are shelter. Shelter protects you from the sun and rain. 
We listened to some songs from Botswana and watched some videos of traditional dancing.
 The fun happy songs made us dance like the Botswanians.
Next week we leave the savanna of Botswana for the rain forest of the Congo.
Sala sentle from Botswana!

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