Friday, April 11, 2014

Hashem is always there.

Morah Katie: How does the sun feel? 
Scout: Good. 
Amelia: I like it. It makes me happy.
Morah Katie: How do the rocks feel?
Scout: Some are hot, some are cold.
Morah Katie: Which ones are hot?
Scout: The ones in the sun. The sun is making them hot.
Amelia: Hot like the matzah.
Anton: Moving this is hard work like the Jews in Egypt.
Morah Katie: How did the Jewish people feel when they were slaves for King Pharaoh?
Scout: Sad. 
Natan: It made them have tears.
Morah Katie: When you are feeling sad, does it seem like things are always SUPER hard, things NEVER go the way you want?
Morah Katie: Me too.  Sometimes it can be hard for me to remember what Hashem said to Moshe- Remember I will be there with you. You won't see Me, because I am Hashem, but I am always with you, taking care of you.
Did the Jewish people stay in Egypt, working hard and tired all the time?
Gracie: No. King Pharaoh finally let the Jewish people go and then they were so happy.
Efraim: Hashem and Moshe got the Jewish people to go.

To help us remember what Hashem said to Moshe, we went for a nature walk.
Monday was a grey foggy morning. 
Morah Katie: What colors do you see?
Efraim:  White, yellow, green.
Morah Katie: How do those colors make you feel?
Sroli: Happy.
Abigail: A purple flower! 
Morah Katie: How does the color purple make you feel?
Zim: Happy!
Morah Katie: What is growing on the tree? 
Efraim: New leaves!
Morah Katie: How does that make you feel?
 Judah: Happy!
Morah Katie: Who is causing the new leaves to grow? 
Sroli: Hashem!
Morah Katie: Why are we seeing these bits of color on a grey day?
Abigail: Hashem put them there.
Tuesday was a sunny morning.
Sroli: My Shadow!
Morah Katie:Why are you seeing your shadow?
Sroli: The sun!
Morah Katie: Yesterday it was grey and foggy, why is it sunny today?
Scout: Hashem.
Sroli: It doesn't stay grey forever!
Morah Katie: Why not?
Scout: Hashem.
Efraim: The sun comes back.
Morah Katie: What is that I hear?
Sroli: It 's a bird! It's a bird!
Morah Katie: How does a bird song make you feel?
Natan/Sroli: Happy!
Morah Katie: Why does Hashem send us such wonderful things to see and to hear?
Efraim: To be happy and do nice things.
Zim: To remind us Hashem is always with us.
Efraim: Look. On the tall grass, sparkly like diamonds!
Ari: I see it! I see the diamonds.
Morah Katie: Are they really diamonds?
Scout: Water drops.
Sroli: Shiny rain water drops like diamonds from Hashem.
Morah Katie: When we are struggling and feeling grumpy is Hashem with us?
Gracie: Yes. Hashem, He is always there.
Morah Katie: How does a Seder dinner help us celebrate and remember Passover?
Zim: The food.
Gracie: The story. 
Sroli is sorting ingredients for challah and matzah.
Morah Tzivie: Charoset is made from apples...
Abigail: I like chariest. It is sweet.
Morah Tzivie: The charoset reminds us of?
Judah: The bricks they used to build.
Morah Tzivie is offering salt water for dipping.
Morah Tzivie: Why do we dip our vegetables in salt water?
Zim: To remember the tears.
Natan is smelling the bitter maror.
Natan: It makes my tears come!
Judah: Oh! 
Isaac and Abigail can smell the bitter maror.
Isaac/Abigail: Oh wow oh!
Gracie: I am going to try the bitter maror.
Morah Tzivie: Why do we eat bitter maror?
Gracie: To remember how sad the Jewish people were.

Have a very happy Pesach!

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