Friday, April 4, 2014

Pesach is coming!

Efraim: It's getting closer and closer, closer closer to Pesach!
During morning clean up, we realized that our Shabbat items and Seder items had been mixed all together! 
It provided us an opportunity to remind ourselves that Shabbat and our Seder dinner are both special, but very different!
 Gracie: The Seder hula hoop has a lot of things.
Judah: Shabbat is very different.
Amelia: Both have candles.
Sroli: Both have wine!

The Passover story has provided opportunity for some interesting conversations.
Jack: Why do we have a brick in the classroom?
Gracie: The brick is because the Jewish people had to be slaves and build buildings with heavy bricks.
Jack: It is a heavy brick.
Morah Katie: Was it easy to build your tire pyramid?
Amelia: No. It was hard.  The tires are heavy.
Natan: They are heavy. It is hard work.
Morah Katie: Is someone making you do this?  If it is so hard, why are you doing it?
Natan: Because it is fun to build. I want to build it!
Amelia:  We don't have to, I like to do it too.
Isaac: We are climbing on it! 
Anton: Let's build an obstacle course! 
 Abigail: This is so heavy!
Anton: Yeah, it's hard work!
Morah Katie: Why are you doing such hard work? 
Anton: Because we WANT TO! We are building an obstacle course!
Morah Katie: IS someone making you build it? 
Abigail: NO! We want to!
Morah Katie: If someone was making you do it, would it still be fun?
Abigail: I would not do it. 
After a lot of hard work and team work, the obstacle course was created and enjoyed by all!
Morah Tzivie: Our Seder table has?
Efraim: Matzah!
Morah Tzivie: The Jewish people were in such a hurry to leave Egypt, they only took a mixture of flour and water.
Gracie: The flour and water baked into crunchy matzah!
Morah Tzivie: What else is on our Seder table?
Gracie: Bitter maror.
Morah Tzivie: Why? 
Efraim: Is bitter and  the Jewish people were sad.
Morah Tzivie: Do we just eat our vegetables?
Sroli: We dip them! In Salty water! 
Morah Tzivie: Why?
Natan: It tastes like tears.
Morah Tzivie: What else is on our Seder table?
Scout: Charoset.
Morah Tzivie: Why do we have charoset on our table?
Jack: Because of the bricks they used.
Morah Tzive: One more question, how we sit at our Seder dinner?
Gracie: We lean, to remember that the Jewish people are not working so hard all the time for King Pharaoh.
Morah Tzive: Yes!  We lean and recline because we are free  and no longer slaves  to King Pharaoh.

Morah Katie: Why did King Pharaoh wake up with frogs on his head? In his bed?
Gracie: He didn't let the Jewish people go!
Morah Katie: What would you do if you opened your lunch box at lunch and it was full of frogs? 
Kids: Ugh! Yuck! 
Gracie: Pharaoh should have listened!
Morah Katie: How many times did Moses have to tell Pharaoh to let the Jewish people go?
Sroli: 10!
 Morah Katie: Why so many?
Natan: He would say NO NO NO!
Scout: Moses kept telling him to.
Gracie: Pharaoh wouldn't listen, he was stubborn!
 Efraim: Our crackers look like matzah.
Morah Katie: Let's read the ingredients to see if they are.
How many ingredients go into making matzah?
Gracie: 2. 
Zim: Flour and water.
Morah Katie: Why just flour and water?
Judah: Because the Jewish people had to leave so fast.
Jack: NO time for challah.
Morah Katie: The box says: Flour! Water! And salt and rosemary. Matzah or not matzah?

Our puppets came to a morning circle to get help with a problem:

Billybobjoe likes to pull Sally's braids.  Sally is worried and scared to talk to Billybobjoe.  
Morah Katie: Sally, would you like help talking to Billybobjoe? 
Morah Katie/Sally: Yes please,  I have already told him I don't like him pulling my hair. He keeps doing it.
Morah Katie: Billybobjoe, please don't OOOWWW! Billybobjoe you just pulled my hair! 
MK/Billybobjoe: HO HO HO Ha HA HA  I like to pull hair and do what I want!
Morah Katie: Oh no, now I'm scared to talk to Billybobjoe. What should Sally and I do?
Scout: You should be brave. 
Morah Katie: Brave? What does brave mean?
Gracie: Even being scared and still helping others.
Morah Katie:  Well can you think of someone who is brave so Sally and I have someone to think about?
Efraim: Moshe!
Morah Katie: How was Moshe brave?
Gracie: He kept telling King Pharaoh to let the Jewish people go. That they were tired and not happy.
Sroli: Ten times!
MK/Sally: So should I tell Billybobjoe that I don't want him to pull my friends  hair even if I am scared he may be mean? 
Kids: YES!
MK/Sally: Billybobjoe...... pulling hair isn't nice. I don't want you to hurt my friend. 
MK/Billybobjoe: Well I really like pulling hair. But ok.
Morah Katie: Being brave can be hard, but I bet Sally feels better for helping someone.

Next week we will begin to taste all the interesting foods we are learning about.
We will complete a special cup for Elijah as well as a book to read during our family Seder dinners.
Judah: It's Pesach! Soon! It's Passover!

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