Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello Europe! Bonjour France!

My Gan friends and I began our world trip in January.
The Children have demonstrated such interest and joy during each "trip".
While preparing for our Passover holiday, we put our jet setting lifestyle on hold.
When we came back to school from Pesach/Passover, I feel as if I was asked daily:
When are we going to Europe? Can we go to Europe?
I cannot contain my own excitement about how intrigued and engaged the children are in learning about the countries and cultures of the world.
As we said goodbye last Friday for the weekend, we had this conversation:
Morah Katie: What continent do we need to still visit? 
Sroli: Europe! Are we going to Europe? 
Morah Katie: On Monday, We are headed to Europe!
Kids: YAY!!!!
We boarded our big jet airplane and flew to France!
We learned a lot of french vocabulary. 
For most of notre semaine(our week), we spoke en français!

Morah Katie: Bonjour mes amis!  Comment vas-tu?
Efraim:  Très bien merci!
Morah Katie: Bonjour mademoiselle Gracie. Comment ça va?
Gracie: Très bien, merci.
Zim: I am wearing the color rose,
Scout and Amelia are wearing rouge.
We learned that if we are happy we can say:
Je suis heureuse!
If we are sad, we can say:
Je suis triste.
If we are angry, we can say:
Je suis en colère!
Fortunately, France was such an exciting country, didn't have time to be anything but happy!

While in France we visited Paris.
During a tour of the city, 
we saw the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.
 We sped around the Arc de Triumph!
Efraim: There is so much paintings.
After visiting the lovely Louvre,
we boarded a train to Versailles.
Sroli: This is a big place!
Amelia: There is a lot of stuff.
Gracie: Archie, look at all the art!
It use to be a palace, now it's a museum.
After visiting Versailles, we boarded another train.
This train, TGV/ Train à grande Vitesse, is one of  the fastest trains in the world! 
We traveled through Provence, enjoying the lavender fields.
After going close to 200 miles per hour, we took a break from the train ride to enjoy some 
Efraim: It's like pancakes!
Abigail: I like it!

Our week in France went by too quickly!
We enjoyed learning the language, and appreciated the architecture, art and food!
Sroli: I built an Eiffel Tower! And a baby Eiffel Tower!

Natan and Evan are comparing a cylinder block to the architecture of Versailles.

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