Thursday, May 15, 2014

We arrived on our 7th and final continent.
We returned to North America. 
Our first stop was Mexico.
Bienvenidos Amigos!
While traveling through Mexico, we met a new friend: Omar.
Morah Katie: What does our friend in Mexico need to grow up strong and healthy?
Efraim: Shelter.
Gracie: Clothes just like we do.
Abigail: Milk.
Sroli: Food.
Morah Katie: Are those things different from the things you need here in Vancouver Washington?
Kids: No! 
Gracie: We all need them.

Efraim noticed that Omar's house looked like it had a lot of squares and rectangles on it's walls. 
He decided to create a similar home in the classroom using our blocks.
 We noticed that Omar enjoys wrapping beans in tortillas. 
We made some fresh tortillas in class.
We left Mexico Tuesday, and traveled to Canada Wednesday.
In Canada we met Levi. 
We immediately noticed that his name is very similar to our friend and former student Levi, however our Canadian friend pronounces his name Lee-vi.
Morah Katie: We have a new friend, Levi. Levi lives on the tundra in the Northern part of Canada, not by the ocean like Omar.  What do both Omar and Levi need to be happy and healthy?
Efraim: Clothes.
Scout: Aunts and uncles.
Isaac: Friends.
Sroli: Food.
Ameila: Milk.
Gracie: Shelter.
Morah Katie: So even though they live very different lives, these 2 boys need the same things in order to grow up healthy and happy? 
Kids: Yes! 
While in Canada we discovered that Canadians are very similar to Americans.
We are both countries with citizens from many places around the world.
Many Canadians enjoy the sport of Hockey.
We enjoyed Canadian maple syrup;
we made pancakes to go with it.

Gracie: This is the country we live in. It's in North America.
Isaac: But what about that one, down there ?
Gracie: That one is SOUTH America, we went there but we don't live there.
Morah Katie: You have traveled to all 7 continents, what did you discover about what all children around the world need?
Natan: They need food.
Efriam: They all need shelter.
Gracie: They all need clothes.
Sroli: They need sandwiches.
Jacob: They need dinner.
Abigail: Blankets. And Milk.
Jack: A club house.
Morah Katie: A club house would be fun, if you don't have a club house, what can you use to have fun? You all have one.
Gracie: Our brain.
Morah Katie:Please tell my your favorite country, and why.
Isaac: Antarctica, because of the penguins.
 Gracie: Ukraine, because I liked the dancing.
Anton: I also like Antarctica best because I like a lot of penguins.
Scout: Japan, I like the kimonos.
Efraim: Botswana, I like to dance in Botswana.
Sroli: I like North America best. I liked Mexico. It was fun.
Abigail: I liked Europe, all of Europe.

Shalom, Sayanara, Sala Sentle, Au Revoir
G'day, Adios, Adeus, Au Revoir, Do pobacennja,
Adios, Good bye!

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