Friday, December 12, 2014

The Menorah, the Holy Temple and the Oil

Morah Katie: Why is 8 a special number during this holiday?
Anton: We celebrate it for 8 days.
Morah Katie: What are we celebrating for 8 days?
Abigail: The oil was STILL there.
Moran Katie:  Where was the oil?
Sroli: In the menorah in the Beit HaMikdash ( Holy Temple).
Morah Tzivie: Let's see if we have a miracle happen in our classroom. We will keep an eye on our candle and oil and see how long they stay lit.
Isaac: Our oil doesn't last 8 days, it just lasts for 1 day.
Morah Katie: What happened in the Holy Temple?
Natan: The Greeks broke the stuff up.
Abigail: The bossy king said "Don't read the Torah".
Anton: "No more learning."
Sroli: "No more doing mitzvahs."
Isaac: "Don't celebrate the holidays."
Morah Katie: What did the Jewish people do?
Abigail: They go to caves, and hide the Torah. They play dreidel's to trick the Greek soldiers.
We went on an oil hunt.
We created spinning dreidel paintings.
We continue to play, learn and celebrate Chanukah.
We have been creating our very own menorahs to bring home and light with our families.
Ari: This is the shamash.
Evan: I have a menorah at my home.
Anton: You start at the right.
We created Chanukah shapes with play-dough.

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