Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chanukah is here!

Chanukah has arrived!
Abigail: The Kohen is lighting the menorah with the oil.
We spun dreidels in a block dreidel. 
We all win with gimmel.
We pretended to be Chanukah candles, slowly burning low.

We attempted to make green by pouring blue water into yellow oil.
Sroli: It's not turning green.
Morah Katie: Let's try it with paint. 
Natan: Blue and yellow make green but the oil is just sitting on top. It's not green.
We took our experiment to group. 
We explained what we did.
Morah Katie: Let's try it with red water and yellow oil.
Kids: It's not turning! It's not mixing.
Amelia: Oil and water don't like to mix.
Sroli: The oil always comes to the top.

Morah Katie: What would happen if we mixed the blue water and yellow oil, with the red water and yellow oil?
Sroli: It will turn brown.
Natan: A blackish color.
Abigail: It will be purple water.
Morah Katie: Why do you think that Abigail?
Abigail: Because when I was painting I mixed red and blue and it made purple.
We tried it, and we made a very dark black purple, with yellow oil rising to the top.
Evan: It is still not mixing.
Amelia:The oil and water just don't like to mix!
Natan: The oil always comes up.
We began to "light" our picture menorah.
Amelia: That's me and Clara.
Sroli: I see me an Natan.
Evan: I am wearing glasses.
Ari: I'm there too.
Morah Katie: I enjoy our picture menorah so much, so many happy smiles.
Amelia: And because it's made up of our faces!
Morah Katie: That is true.
We played dreidels.
We won pennies.
We put some in our tzedakah box, kept some for our banks, and traded some in for fruit gusher treats.

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