Friday, February 20, 2015

A trip to old Persia

Our week began normally.
Children became engaged in activities.
Ari: This is the instruction book. We can build number 45. 
Anton: Ok we need to look at the picture to do it.

Ari: I also like to do number 43 from the instruction book.
Natan: I like that one too. There are so many ways build.
Olivia: I am a little tired. I have been shopping with my babies. I need a rest.
Judah: I am matching the blocks with Natan.
Natan: We are going to match them all.
Matan: Hi Evan.
Evan: Hi Matan.
We shared tzedakah, and played together.
Evan: Natan, can I please use your green paint?
Natan: Sure, we can share it because I am using it too.
Natan: This is my duck.
Morah Stephanie: Can you make your duck sit on the log?
Matan: Yeah!
Morah Stephanie: Can you make a frog sit on the log?
Matan: Yeah! Frog on log!
Yet, midway through the week our classroom transformed. 
It became ancient Persia. 
A palace appeared.

Abigail: What is that? A castle?
 A lovely, inviting home belonging to a generous, kind Jewish leader also appeared in the classroom.
Clara: We are going to get dressed up and go on a trip.
Amelia: Yeah, to the palace!
The palace did look pretty, but it seemed all the activity was occurring in Rabbi Mordecai's home.
We shared meals, and read books.
We worked on our lessons and created art.
Ari: Clara can I paint with you?
Clara: Sure! You can use the yellow too!
Morah Katie: Why has our classroom been transformed?
Where can we pretend to be living?
Sroli: It's the palace in Persia for Purim.

Morah Tzivie:  There are a lot of exciting things about Purim. 
We eat special foods and have special mitzvahs.
What is this? 
Anton: A torah.
Morah Tzivie: It is like a torah.
Sroli: A megillah!
Morah Tzivie: This is a scroll. It tells the Purim story.
This is how I know about the story of Purim. Listening to the story is a mitzvah.
Other mitzvahs we will do is to give gifts of food to friends, and give extra tzedakah.
There are many other interesting and exciting things to do and learn. 
Next week we will learn about the people of the story, a silly king, a mean guy, a kind wise person, and another kind person who liked to help others.
Abigail: Remember when Haman gets trash on his head? I will keep it in my head forever!
Morah Tzivie: I do remember!
Sroli: Esther has to be far from Haman because she is nice and he is mean. 
Isaac: It makes a loud noise. If it goes slow or fast it is loud.

Natan: Haman has a mean face, like this.
Judah and Evan trying to look like mean Haman.
The classroom is full of excitement for our new holiday.

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