Thursday, February 12, 2015

Our world, our senses.

A lightning storm guided this weeks discussions in the classroom.

Morah Katie: We see lightning and hear thunder.
What causes lightning and thunder?
Natan: The storm clouds.
 Morah Katie:  All cloud holds water drops, and things that are smaller than the water drops called water particles.
 Water particles like to find other particle friends to be with.
But sometimes the cloud gets unbalanced, or too heavy.

The cloud becomes uneven or ODD, remember when we discussed that even means there is a partner or friendship, but odd means one is left out?

The water particles are dancing around searching for a friend and finally FLASH/BOOM lightning and thunder. 
The extra charge gets discharged and the cloud is balanced again.

Natan: When we play tag and we catch a friend there are 2 kids then we are a normal cloud. Then when we tag another and there are 3 friends it is too many and we make and thunder and lightning cloud!
Sroli: When we hear thunder in Camas, it is quiet but when it gets closer to us in Vancouver it is NOT Quiet! It's loud!

Sroli: This block has 2 circles, it is even!
Morah Stephanie: Would your block create lightning if it was a cloud?
Sroli: No, If the block had 3 circles it would be a lightning cloud.

Isaac: This is the storm cloud that is going to make thunder, and here is the lightning that the not even drops made.
Fortunately, the rainstorm did not last.
Our discussion of our senses did last through the week.
We continued to explore our senses of sight and hearing,

 our sense of touch,
our sense of smell,

and our sense of taste.

Amelia: Green pear, green apple.
Isaac: I know they are different. The pear is the one with brown on it.
Morah Katie: You are using your eyes to see how they are different, now you can use your tongue to taste how they are different.
Sroli: The apple is sour.
Amelia: The pear is sweet.
The highlight of our week of sensory exploration was our taste test. 
We explored sweet, sour, bitter and salty.
Sroli: Oh! My lemon is so sour!
Olivia: The lime feels sour on my tongue.
 Isaac: It (cocoa) is bitter. Never mind cocoa it tastes bitter. It is stuck on my tongue.
Anton: The lemon and lime are both sour.
Abigail: It (lemon) makes my tongue hot!
Morah Stephanie: Judah, what made your face unhappy?
Judah: Cocoa, it is bitter.
Anton: Cocoa is bitter, I don't enjoy the taste.
Natan: The chocolate is my favorite!
Ari: The cocoa powder made my tongue cough.

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