Thursday, April 30, 2015

Birds, Gardening and Pirates! ?

This week we had a special guest.
Patti van Vlack came to share her knowledge of birds.
Patti: How are birds different from us?
Clara: They have feathers.
Patti: Yes, every feather is different. Owl wings don't make noise like other birds.
Natan: They are also nocturnal.
It was very exciting to have a naturalist come in to class and share how they help our community.
Eden and Kate came to help our community.
The moms helped us start our garden.
Eden: Natan, what does the chocolate mint smell like?
Natan: Like CHOCOLATE!
Natan may have enjoyed how the chocolate mint smelled, Judah and Olivia were not fans of the taste.
We will be checking our garden to see how our strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons grow.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed our study of community helpers.
While Amelia was keeping our playhouse safe with her carpentry skills, 
a crane was being used across the street to help repair the neighboring building.
Next week we will learn how engineers and rabbi's help our communities.

At the Gan, we strive to fill the classroom with engaging and thoughtful activities.
As the children explore, we observe.
What is engaging them? 
What holds their attention? 
How can we help them expand their skills and continue to grow?
We noticed Thursday afternoon a transition occurring in the classroom.  
Pirates appeared.
Pirates were searching for treasures, walking the plank, and leading parades.
We observed: collaboration, imagination, sharing.
We noticed after some moments of wild merriment, a calm occurred.
And during that calm we saw: collaboration, imagination, sharing.

As May begins and year begins to end,
 we enjoy these last weeks, we will continue to play,
 to challenge ourselves,
  and follow our joy.
Making art with a friend
Searching for fancy rocks

Playing hide and seek

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