Friday, May 8, 2015

Celebrating Mother's Day on the way to Mt. Sinai.

                                          We have been counting down to our next holiday.
We "left" Egypt 34 days ago.
We have been placing a step for each day on the floor of our classroom.
We could not see Mt. Sinai when we first began, 
but we are getting closer! 
Soon our foot steps will create a path across the entire classroom!

We are finishing up our unit on Community Helpers. 

We end with a very special Community Helper: Mom.
Moms do so much for our family, and our larger community.
Natan: I love my mom because she always plays with me.
Amelia: My mom is beautiful!
Clara: My mom makes me laugh.
Evan: I love my mom because she is silly.
Anton: My mom takes us to fun places.
Abigail: My mom helps.
Sroli: When I'm not feeling good she takes me home.
Isaac: My mom takes us on family trips.
Judah: My mom gives me treats.
Olivia: My mom cheers me up when I'm sad.
Eliana: I love my mom. My mom helps me when I feel sick.
Amelia L.: I love my mom.
Ari: Well I get to go places with my mom.
Mother's Day is one of my favorite times of year in the classroom.
The excitement and deliberate care the children put into creating something for their moms is wonderful to see.
I often use this craft to evaluate the skills developed over the year. 
I noticed a few things:
improved cutting skill,
improved printing skills,
inventive spelling skills (important for reading and writing development)
attention to detail
improved ability to follow multi-step directions.
It is obvious that our moms are as sweet as an ice cream cone,
we wish you a sweet and pleasant special day!

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