Thursday, June 11, 2015

It has been a wonderful year.

I asked my friends to tell me a few things they may have learned this year.

Amelia M: When you mix yellow with red it makes orange.
Sroli: Red, Yellow and blue together make brown.
Evan: Yellow and yellow make yellow.
Abigail: Black and white make gray.
Amelia M: Yellow and blue make green.

Anton: Jupiter is a planet.
Judah: Pluto use to be a planet.
Morah Katie: It is called a dwarf planet now.
Abigail: It is so far away, it isn't even in our classroom, it is in the other building.
Sroli: It is small.
Evan: You can bounce on the moon.
Sroli: Mars has a robot on it and Venus is stinky.
Judah: The one with rings is Saturn.
Amelia M: The rings of Saturn are made of ice.
Natan: The SUN is a star.
Sroli: The hottest stars are blue.

Community helpers
Sroli: Community helpers help people.
Isaac: Policemen save our cities.
Sroli: Chefs help cook food so then the people can eat it.
Judah: Garbage collectors take trash away and make people so happy.
Isaac: Nurses help people and take their blood.
Sroli: Doctors check your whole body and sometimes look inside at your bones.
Judah: Some doctors help birth babies.
Sroli: Veterinarians help animals with tools to take things out of their belly.
Natan: Preschoolers share tzedakah.

Abigail: On Purim we remember the Jewish people and Queen Esther.
Sroli: When we hear Haman we shake the gragger.
Amelia: On Passover we celebrate that the Jewish people are free.
Sroli: On Chanukah we light the menorah AND on Tu B'Shevat we eat special foods from Israel.
Anton: We eat apples and honey at Rosh Hashanah.
Judah: We get the Torah on Shavout.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone Sunday. 
My young artist friends have been creating some wonderful pieces of art to share.
These self portraits required attention to detail and focus.
Each child's portrait is a masterpiece and a reflection of the wonderful child he/she is.
It is a privilege to spend our day with your children, thank you for entrusting them to us at The Gan.

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