Friday, June 5, 2015

What to do in the last 2 weeks of school? 
Watch and listen.
 Evan: Ok Ari, you have to be careful..... YEAH! YOU DID IT!
 It is always nice to enjoy a book.
 Natan: I am a master builder.  I'm building an airport.
Morah Katie: That is quite an airport, and everything is awesome.
 Ari: It's a good thing I can fix these chairs. People would fall.
Morah Katie: That is a good thing, thanks for looking out for your friends.
 Clara: Ok Matan, this is the soup, and it's hot so you need to be careful.
Matan: I don't like it.
Clara: You really should try it. And be careful it is hot.
Matan: I don't like it.
Clara: Do you want carrots? 
Matan: I don't like it.
Clara: I don't know what to feed you then.
Matan: Ok.
 Amelia: Morah Katie, I forgot that things that grow have roots and then the plant stem started growing roots.
Morah Katie: Amelia I noticed that the stem had sprouted roots also! That stem is from the flowers you brought us. The flowers are gone but the greenery is ready to be planted, it keeps giving.
Amelia: Yeah, like plants do.
 Isaac: I didn't know what I wanted to make and then I decided I could make a bracelet so I did.
 A card game between friends.
 Olivia: I am really good at writing my name! I know it's an "O" and an "L"!
And it is a pretty good "L".
 Amelia: I am drawing a potato girl. These are her eyes, but she will need legs so she can walk. 
I think I'll make her wear purple because I LOVE PURPLE.
 Evan: I just really like the rhombuses. 
 Judah: I just really like you Amelia, can I watch you draw and then will you play with me when you are done?
Amelia: Yes I will play with you, you are my favorite boy and my best friend.
 Natan:  I can read so I am reading this book. Because I can.
 Abigail: This is eight. I had seven and I have one, now I have 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

 Crafting ladies.
Eliana: These are the planets, but they look like stars in the sky, there are stars and planets.
Judah: It is the zoo at Lacamas lake.
Olivia: Yeah this is my little city and the animals live in it, and these live in the water.
Creative focus.
Who doesn't enjoy chess? 

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