Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A few precious moments from a short week

Clara and Nora created a stable and riding arena for their horses.
Clara: And here is the water trough for our thirsty horses.

Judah: Well this is where the farmer can live.
Evelyn: He needs to take care of the horse, the cow and the sheep.
Judah: And the goat. Our truck can take them to the hospital if they are sick.
A friendship in the making.
So close to completing the galaxy.
Olivia is focused as she practices cutting on a line.
Clara: Look! Evan caught a rainbow on his paper!
Nora: It is cold, the rocks are so cold and stuck together.
Clara: They are frozen, you should have brought gloves like me.
Writing our names in frost
g for guitar
Clara: I like orcas, here it is,  it goes with the penguins in Antarctica.
Evan:  c a r  car. Two trapezoids make a hexagon.

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