Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thankfulness abounds

Clara: The leaves are so pretty. Some are crunchy and some are not.
Evan: Some are the same color. 
Some have 5 points and some have 3.
 Maya: It has 5 points, one is hidden behind.
Augie: The brown leaves don't have any oxygen in them any more, that is why they are crunchy.
 Abe: But some of them just still have some green.
 We are excitedly preparing for our Thanksgiving Shabbat dinner.
We are creating thanksgiving trees.
 Abe: I am thankful for mom and dad and the toys we have to play with.
Judah: I am thankful for clothes to keep warm.
Olivia: For a home to live in.
Augie: For the Jewish people.
* just a sample of all the thankfulness
 Morah Katie: I am thankful for my awesome friends at The Gan.
These are a few reasons why:
Judah: Olivia I really like your structure, it is really cool!
Olivia: It is a hospital for the sick people to go to.
Clara: WE can both cook Nora.
Nora: That's right because we are both really good at cooking
 and you make good cookies and I make good cookies.
Clara: We can make really great cookies together.
Evan and Ari delivered mail to their friends. 
 Abram, Asher  and Sadie created new mail for delivery.
While in line preparing go to the playground, 
Judah asked Evan if he could ride the peddle bike,
 (most popular of the bikes)
Evan: Here Judah you can have the peddle bike I will ride this one.
Augie: I am helping Sadie balance, she made this. I am balancing with her. 
Abram: That is really cool Olivia.
Augie: Yeah it is can we play with you?
Olivia: Yeah, you can build with me. 
 Abram and Maya shared and created a triangle path to the triangle home.
Olivia: I like to fold, I help mom at home.
 In addition to creating thanksgiving trees, we made challah for our Thanksgiving Shabbat dinner.
We added yeast to water, and sugar for it to eat. 
We mixed in egg, flour and salt, 
and waited for it to rise.
Ari: I see it under there! It is so big now, you have to come look!
Augie: It is overflowing the bowl!
We look forward to sharing the challah with our families and friends.

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