Thursday, April 7, 2016

Preparing for a very exciting and interesting holiday

We will use our five sense to experience Passover, 
so we are waking them up and getting them ready!
We are waking up our ears!
We are waking up our sense of touch!
Ari: Hey they don't feel the same, one feels scratchy.
Evan: Okay Ari here is one thing....
and here is another.
Ari: They are the same!
 We will not be letting our sense of smell take a nap!
Matan: I'm pretty sure this is stinky!
I am not sure if I offered Ari garlic, curry, or cloves. 
I feel pretty confident it was not the mint.
We woke up our taste buds with something sour,
with something salty,
with something bitter,
and finally something sweet.
Our eyes spotted things like tiny new lettuce and spinach leaves,
and the path of the new obstacle course.
 Our eyes also noticed
interesting and exciting things in the classroom!
Clara and Nora prepared a Shabbat table... 
but it didn't stay that way for long.
Maya: The challah needs to go away. 
Evelyn and Evan noticed that it was not a Shabbat table any more!
Evelyn: It's a Seder table!
Morah Katie: How do you know?
Clara: We took the challah away.
Evan: I see crunchy matzah!
Sadie: Egg and interesting foods.
Ari: The maror, (bitter herb) makes us cry. 
Matan: There are 4 cups of wine.
Judah: It's such an interesting table, I can't wait to find out more about Passover.

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