Thursday, April 21, 2016

Happy Passover

Evan: I'm eating bitter maror and it is making me cry.
Ari: Yeah we have this chicken bone too. But let's not forget to dip our vegetables in salty water. 
Evan: We have matzah to eat too.
Ari: It should be crunchy.  And we have light the candles and pour the wine.
Evan: The 4 cups of wine.
Evelyn: I am having a big dinner and lots of my friends are going to come 
and we will dip food in salty water.
Olivia: We lots of different food.
We used sand, popsicle sticks and beans (or paint) to create some Passover art.
Morah Katie: Judah can you tell me about your art?
Judah: The sand is Egypt and then sticks are the buildings and the beans are the path away, and the blue is the sea. But now I will need to draw Moshe and his stick so he can hit the sea and split it so the Jewish people can really be free.
Augie: The sand is Egypt.
Abe: The sticks are the buildings the Jewish people built and the dots are the steps they took to leave.
Augie: You can't really see my sea but it's there, it is the best I could make it.
 It's at the end of my prints. Because that's where they got stopped by the sea.
Maya: But Moshe hit it.

Olivia: When we dip in the salty water Clara we will remember the tears.
Clara: And when we eat the bitter herbs maror we will cry too because it was so sad.
Judah: Ok I am making matzah rally fast. 
Here Lochlan, here is some dough for you to make your matzah. 
Sadie you have to make yours fast. It can't rise.

 The Preschoolers made beautiful matzah bags for their Seder dinners.

We tasted bitter maror.
We discovered it did not look like our finger puppet.
We became concerned.
 First we smelled it.
 Then we bravely tasted it.
We have deeper appreciation for a bitter, unpleasant experience.

Sadie: Slaves in Egypt Matan.
Matan: I'm not a slave Sadie.

Happy Passover!

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