Thursday, May 19, 2016

Geometry Fun

Geometry Fun
Morah Katie: A quadrilateral is a 4 sided shape with 4 angles.
What do you think quad means?
Augie: 4.
We discovered that the floor on the way to the playground is covered with quadrilaterals and the doors to the social hall are quadrilaterals too!
Judah: The door is 2 rectangles and it makes one big square.
Clara: And the pictures on the wall were all rectangles too.
Judah: Those are all quadrilaterals!
 At lunch we discovered more quadrilaterals. 
 Matan: My napkin has 3 shapes in it. And it is one big shape.
 Nora: Hey! There are shapes in my lunch!
Clara: My whole lunch box is one big quadrilateral.
We are discovering that quadrilaterals can be pretty cool shapes.
Clara: (touching the picture of a rectangle) They all have the same type of angle.
Evan: Not all rectangles are squares.
Augie: If you stretch a square out it can become a rectangle, or if you put 2 squares together it becomes a rectangle.
Judah: Some of our tables are squares. And all of these are parallelograms and quadrilaterals.
Morah Katie: There is something special about the angles of squares and rectangles, who remembers the name of the special angle?
Judah: It's the right angle. 
Ari: Rectangles have the right angles too.   
Clara: A rhombus can't be a square.
Augie: It doesn't have the right angle.
Evan: A rectangle can't be a square.
Matan:Why can't a rectangle be a square?
Judah: A rectangle is a shape with 2 long sides and 2 short sides. 
Ari: A square has all the same size sides.
Evan: And a square has right angles.
Matan/Lochlan: Morah Katie what shape is this?
Morah Katie: How many sides does it have?
Matan: 4.
Matan: So it's a rectangle?
Morah Katie: Let's measure it. 
Morah Jillian brought us a ruler and we discovered that sides were each 6 inches long.
Morah Katie: What do we know about shapes with the same size sides?
Matan: It's a square? It's a square. 
Morah Katie: Yeah, it's a square.
Evan: A rhombus can be a diamond.  
Ari: They have the same size sides like squares but they aren't squares.
Judah: Rhombuses don't have right angles. But rhombuses are still quadrilaterals.
Moving on to Circles
Morah Katie: Please tell me something about circles.
Abram: Well there can be solid circles that roll, and those are called spheres.
Judah: A circle can make a pie if you slice it, or a pizza.
Matan: Half a circle is a semi-circle.
Maya: Ovals are like circles.
Augie: Ovals are just squashed a little up top.
Morah Katie: What is an ellipse then?
Judah: The squished circle.
We know that spheres are a type of geometric solid.
They have surface area (sides that could be painted), and volume (stuff inside).
Ari and Matan brought a honeydew melon for snack.
Its shape was an ellipsoid, a ....
Judah: Squished sphere.
I rolled it back and forth, as well as trying to roll a paper circle. The melon rolled better.
But what would happen if we sliced the melon into circles?
I slowly and carefully began to slice the ends off, and after a few slices we got a few good circular pieces, but they did not roll.
Morah Katie: Why are the circle slices of honeydew not rolling? 
Augie: Because they are just circles, they aren't the whole melon, they aren't the solid.
Judah: It's thin like the paper.
Morah Katie: What type of circles can roll?
Matan: Tires are circles that roll.
Morah Katie: Why?
Abram: Because there is more of them to roll on. They are bigger. Not just paper.
Morah Katie: What about cylinders? 
Augie: They have circles on them. 
Morah Katie: Cylinders are geometric solids that have two flat circles on the ends of a curved middle section. Do we have any in our classroom?
Judah: We have some block cylinders to build with.
Morah Katie: Keep your eye out for other cylinders.
Evelyn: These markers are cylinders, and these paints are cylinders.
Morah Katie: They sure look cylindrical. Can I show you something?
Evelyn: Sure.

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