Friday, May 6, 2016

We are going a shape hunt this month. 
Clara: I made a whole bunch of red circles on the red paper. 
They are camouflaged.
Some shapes in the classroom are not as camouflaged Clara's circles.
We have shape roads for our cars,
which became the highways for block communities. 
Giant geo-pattern cards found their way into the classroom to inspire matching and new architecture.
Stencils became tools for pieces of art as well as books about shapes.
Ari: I am making a shape picture with my triangle and circle. 
Judah: I am going to trace all the shapes and write the names 
and I will have my own book about shapes.
We are painting circles which will become flowers for a special mountain in a few weeks.
This week in particular, we are searching for:
Morah Katie: Why do we call this shape a triangle?
Clara: It has 3 sides.
Morah Katie: It does. Tri means 3.  It has 3 of something else as well. 
Olivia B: Points.
Morah Katie: Yes, a triangle has 3 points.  The points have a name. They are called angles.  
What is an angle?
We will find an angle at the end point of two sides of a shape. It is the space between where the 2 lines meet.
Let's circle the angles on the triangle. 
Ari: Those are CIRLES on the TRIANGLE.
Morah Katie: Yes, they are. How many are there? 
Judah: 3!
The children kept an eye out for any triangle that might be hiding around The Gan.
Judah: Triangles!
Maya: I found one!
Abram: I found one right here in this planet!
 Augie: I found a triangle right here on the train! 
Jade: Here is big one on the fence.  And another right next to it.
 Olivia: Abe and I found this one behind the slide!
 Augie: There are triangles all over the fence!
Abram: I see triangles in the lines of the wood right here.
Evelyn: Hey! Here is one too!
Ari: The 3 circles together make a triangle without any sharp points.

Triangles were a lot of fun, next week we add a side and explore quadrilaterals!

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