Friday, June 16, 2017

Thank you and Happy Summer!

Dear Preschool Friends, 
Thank you for a wonderful year.  It was a joy to watch you all grow so much and bloom into such amazing young people. 
I am honored to be your teacher and it is a privilege to be your friend.
Have an excellent summer,
Morah Katie

What I Learned in Preschool:
Lochlan: When a friend is sad you should invite them to play to make them feel happy.
Miles: To share.
Mason: How to draw Mt. Sinai.
Lakshmi: How to play with friends like Emily.
Sadie: How to give friends hugs.
Jade: That animals need water to drink and be healthy.
Maya: To share.
Colette: Sharing toys.
Olivia: I learned insets have 6 legs.
Matan: How to behave.
Maia: How to write my letters.
Emily: How to play with friends.
Aura: How to draw tulips.

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