Friday, September 8, 2017

Amazing Neuroscientists

This year we begin by learning about our amazing bodies.
We begin as Neuroscientists.
Morah Katie: What do we know about our brains?
Jade: It keeps me safe.
Colette: It helps me sleep.
Morah Katie: Can I see your brain?
Jade: No!
Morah Katie: Where is it?
Miles: In our skull.

Morah Eden: Where is your brain?
Boys: Here.
Morah Katie: What else do we know about the brain?
Maya: It is in our skull.
Morah Katie: Yes, why?
Miles: So it is safe.
Morah Katie: Why do we need to keep our brain safe?
Matan: It keeps our blood flowing.
Morah Katie: It tells our bodies what to do. 
We played follow the leader games making our brains move our bodies.

These young neuroscientists wrapped green pipe cleaner around their right wrists. 
When they moved their arm with the green pipe cleaner, they knew the left side of their brain was working. 
When they moved the arm without a pipe cleaner, they knew the right side of their brain was working.

We learned that part of our brain is called the cerebrum.
It is really big.
We use our cerebrum for thinking and decision making.
It is what we use when we problem solve.
Aura: Emily, Can we trade helmets, this one doesn't fit me.
Emily: Yes we can trade.
Miles: Maya can I have more play dough?
Maya: Can I finish making this and then give it to you?
Miles: Yes that's ok.
Maya: Ok.
It helps us with our counting, our writing, and our imaginative play.
Our cerebrum helps us make the decision to walk in the classroom, and run on the playground
Morah Katie: The cerebrum is working when we decide to use our kind words to solve a problem.  But what if I am just sitting and I begin to lose my..oh no.. balance. What part of my brain worked to help me regain my balance just now?  My cere..
Morah Katie: Yes. Your brains are so amazing. I may not be able to see them, but I can tell they are amazing because I have been watching your bodies be controlled  and careful in the classroom, and I've been listening to all the really kind words you have been choosing to use. I have watched the older children help the younger children.  
Such Amazing brains.  Remind me again, they are so cool, why don't we get to see them?
Maya: They need to be protected.
Miles: In the skull.
Jade: To keep them safe.
Morah Katie: Brains have something else in the skull to keep them safe.
It is called cerebral spinal fluid.  Let's pretend the cup is our skull, the egg is our brain.  Let's run, (cup gets shaken), let's jump, (cup gets shaken) let's walk, (cup gets shaken). Normal preschool activity.  What happened to the egg brain?
Colette: It melted.
Morah Katie: It looks melted.
Morah Katie: Fortunately, our brains have something surrounding them in our skulls to protect them.
In this second cup, we will add water to our egg brain. 
The water is surrounding the egg brain. It is protecting it. Let's try the experiment again.

It has been a phenomenally fun and informative week.

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