Friday, November 3, 2017

Morah Katie: Which landform do you think you are most grateful for?
Lochlan: Mountains.
Matan: Mountains because you can go skiing.
Emily: I like the one with land and water all around. Island.
We all agreed that land forms are very cool. 
We put our knowledge together and created a 3-d collage.
Lochlan: We should make mountains.
Lakshmi: I am going to make a river.
Carson: I think I will add some grass and a hill.
Rowen: I am adding some water.
Moshe: A lake right here. Making hills.
Lakshmi: Here is the sparkly river.
Jade: When it's on the blue mat it looks like an island.
Lochlan: This is a tall mountain, with a tunnel.
Lochlan felt the land collage needed some waterfalls, he set out and accomplished his goal.
When I sit down to create the years curriculum, I always hope the lessons and art ideas will speak to the children. I am so pleased with how excited the children became over rocks, dirt and water.  
I had hoped it would be a nice lead into the thanksgiving season, and indeed it is.
Morah Katie: I think it is safe to say, we have done a solid exploration of landforms. We have a pretty amazing planet, made of rock, dirt, and water.  I'm thankful to live on such a special place. 
Mountains have caves that could provide shelter from a storm. What could rivers provide us?
Carson: Water.
Jade: Food.
Matan: Hashem made it. He made himself too. He made everything. 
Morah Katie: Hashem did.  He created the beautiful mountains and rivers here where we live. We can thank Him for that.  Can you think of some people or things you are thankful for? 
Maya: My Shoshie.
Eli: Friends.
Evan: My Owlie and blankie.
Emily: Food I get to eat.
Matan: Friends.
Lochlan: Beds.
Carson: Solomon
Moshe: Friends.
Miles: I'm thankful for trees.
Jade: I am thankful I can ride my bike.
Colette: I am thankful for volcanos.
Max: Friends.
Ozzie: I am thankful for ceilings.
Morah Katie: Everyday I am thankful for you guys. I am so grateful I get spend my day with you. I don't think I can describe how big my heart grows when I am with you.
We will be spending next week preparing for our Shabbat Thanksgiving dinner.
As we prepare the centerpieces, a special keepsake, and a song, we will continue count our blessings.

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