Friday, November 10, 2017

We are a grateful bunch at The Gan.
Everyday we sing our gratitude.
"Oh every morning when I'm through sleeping,
I open up my eyes and say
 Thank you Hashem for my neshama, (soul/life)
 and for giving me another day."
As we come into the Thanksgiving season, we have been having discussions about some important things people need to be healthy and happy.  
Having these things cause us to feel grateful, happy and loved.
Morah Katie: What shapes did I draw?
Matan: A rectangle.
Colette: A triangle.
Morah Katie: What does it look like?
Colette: A house.
Morah Katie: Is it helpful to anyone if a house, shelter, is empty? What if you were alone inside with no to keep you company? 
Colette: No.
Maya: I'm grateful for my house.  And my Shoshie and mom and dad and Judah.
Morah Katie: Who was grateful to come inside the building this morning?
Kids: Me!
Morah Katie: Why?
Matan: The walls will keep the wind out.
Morah Katie: Why are you grateful your families have homes?
Lochlan: They would be out of the rain and heat and the cold.
Aura: Playing.
Carson: Books.
Maya: The shelter.
Jade: Beds.
Colette: Quilts.
Lochlan: Sinks
Jade: Clothes.
Carson: Coats.
Lakshmi: Toys.
Miles: Food. They would be grateful for food to cook.
Aura: The flowers they get to look at.

Moshe created a shelter for our doll house family.
Eli made sure they had food to eat.
Each day, we took a break to stop and share what we were thankful for.
Each circle had wonderful gems of thanks:
Max: Friends
Lakshmi: I'm thankful for the Morah's and my friends.
Emily: I am thankful for all my friends.
Ozzie: I and grateful for my friends and mountains and planets.
Miles: I am thankful for trees.
Maya: I am thankful for Shoshie.
Lochlan: I am thankful for pens, pencils and markers, and paper.
Sophia: I am thankful for my friends.
Rowen: I am grateful for Lochlan and Jade.
Maia: I am thankful for my baby brother.
Moshe: Mommy and Daddy.
Jade: I'm thankful for food.
Maya: I'm thankful for water.
Lochlan: I am thankful I sleep on my own.
Matan: I am thankful for my mom and dad and Ari and all my preschool friends.
Colette: I am thankful for monkeys.
Evan: I am thankful for my penguin videos.
Jade: I am grateful I can ride my bike.
Eli: Mommy and Daddy.
Carson: I am thankful for shelter, my home.
Aura: I am thankful for food.
Lochlan: Earth.
Morah Katie: Even when you don't come to preschool, I am still grateful for you. Every day.

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