Friday, March 9, 2018

Ideas for making the world a better place

The children have been brainstorming some ideas for making the world a kinder and better place. 
Matan: Kids making friends. Saying,"let's be friends."
Lochlan: Friends sharing toys. 
Emily: Having sleepovers, and being nice.
Carson: Helping with chores.
Miles: SharIng stuffed animals. 
Moshe asked Eli to play puzzles with him, and shared one with Morah Eden.
Lochlan and Carson were matching shapes, Maya asked to play with them. They said "yes!"
Matan and Aura worked as a team to build a structure. 
Jade, Ozzie and Rowen made a campfire together.
Eli and Moshe proved shaving cream play is more fun with a friend.
Maya and Lochlan created art together.
It's significantly more fun to run wild with friends by your side.
Aura: Putting trash in the trash can. 
Emily: I clean up our earth when we take the trash out Sundays.
Maya: Even on a stormy day - put trash in the trash can. 
Lakshmi: Sweeping up garbage. 
Ozzie: Cleaning all the water with the fish. 
Lochlan: Giving someone a hug.
Lakshmi: Sharing my flamingos with someone.
Evan: I'd share my Owly and blankie.
Colette: I could share Peace Monkey.
Miles: I'd invite someone to play.
Lochlan and Colette invited each other to play, they decided to be crocodiles in the sand. 
Rowen and Evan shared blocks together, and hepled each other put them away.  They discovered a new friend that day.
Emily, Maia and Aura worked together to color match some numerals.
As their friend Evan mentioned in passing, "Like my Dad says, teamwork makes the dream work", and together Carson, Maya and Lochlan accomplished the frog puzzle.
Matan: Sharing tzedakah with a friend.
Aura: Being nice to someone.
Lochlan: Taking care of your pet.
Carson: Sharing my toys with someone. 
Maia: Picking up trash. 
All 9 friends helped put the blocks away Friday morning during clean up.
Everyone loves sharing tzedakah.
It's fun to invite some friends to imagine the trees as a turtle.
The world is definitely a better place with these kids in it. 

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