Friday, March 16, 2018

Passover is coming!

A new holiday is on it's way.
Rowen: Chanukah is a holiday.
Matan: The one with the Shofar? The one we eat outside?
Evan: It's Passover.
Morah Katie: Who remember's how to say Passover in Hebrew?
Colette: Pesach.
Matan: Pesach is a nice word.
Pesach is such an interesting holiday.
 We wrote down what we already knew, 
and questions we have.
We will add what we learn as we go.
We have an experience table set up to explore different Seder plates and Passover items.
Morah Tzivie showed us that a Passover Seder dinner will be very different from a Shabbat dinner.

We will keep the candles, but
Maya: There will NOT be any challah!
And instead of just 1 cup of wine there will be
Miles: 4 cups of wine!
Lochlan: With different foods, the Seder plate.
Morah Katie: Why do you think there is a brick in the classroom?
Lochlan: I think it is because we are learning about heavy things.
We will find out why there is a brick, why we eat such interesting foods
and the answers to our other questions in the coming days.

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