Friday, May 4, 2018

We are up to day 34 in our 49 day countdown!
Morah Katie: What are we counting up to?
Matan: How many days 'til we get the Torah.
Morah Katie: Why did Hashem give us the Torah?
Miles: Because He was so great!
Maya: Because He wants us to be kind.
Colette: To be great selves.
Emily: Cause He loves all of us people.
Morah Katie: How will the Torah help us to be our best selves?
Moshe: Mitzvahs.
Matan: It teaches you how to do the mitzvahs.
Rowen: He loves us and wants us to learn the aleph-bet.
Lochlan: The Torah helps us.
Maya: We just learn to be kind.
Ozzie: I just love the Torah. It has the mitzvahs. Helping is a good deed. Giving tzedakah is a good deed.
Morah Katie: Both of those are good deeds. When we do them we are being our best selves.
We decided to write down things we do at The Gan to help us be our best selves.
Kind Words
Miles: Nice game Carson.
Carson: Thanks Miles.
Rowen: You make the letters good Maya.
Maya: Well... I'm trying. I don't really know my Hebrew letters.
Rowen: Yeah but we are learning.
 Respectful Words
 The boys had a respectful disagreement about meteors and asteroids.
They discovered they could disagree without causing bad feelings.
 Help Others
Ozzie helped Eli clean up a spill.
Emily and Lakshmi worked together to clean up paper scraps.
Be Kind
(too quick to be photographed)
 Colette was walking with a tire and fell. Jade quickly went to her, 
asked if she was ok and helped her up.
Evan sat next to Rowen when she was feeling lonely.
Invite friends to play/Include friends
Lots of friends worked together to accomplish the savanna puzzle. 
Lochlan: Let's try it today.
Carson: Yeah I really want to put it together.
Miles: It's pretty big.
Maya: I like puzzles, can I help?
Aura: Can I help?
When everyone worked together, a big goal was achieved.

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