Friday, May 11, 2018

"Humble Mt. Sinai was so polite,
he knew it was wrong to brag and to fight."
We know that Mt. Sinai was
Lochlan: Humble.
Miles: Kind.
Carson: Brave.
Morah Katie: How did it make Mt. Sinai feel when he heard the other mountains arguing and boasting?
Jade: Sad.
Morah Katie: When he heard them speaking that way, what did he choose to do?
Lakshmi: He chose not to speak to like that.
Morah Katie: Why did Hashem choose to give us the Torah on Mt Sinai?
Lochlan: He wasn't bragging.
Colette: He was humble.
Emily: Because he wasn't fighting.
Morah Katie: If you were one of the mountains, how can you speak proudly about your special qualities, and speak thoughtfully and kind towards others?
Thoughtful Tall Mountain: 
Carson: Come look at the view from me.
Aura: You can climb on me anytime to see the views.
Thoughtful Volcano:
Eli: The lava is too hot! Be careful.
Lochlan: You can walk on the new land I am making.
Thoughtful Grassy Mountain:
Miles: Enjoy the fresh air on me.
Maia: Come have a picnic on me.
Thoughtful Waterfall Mountain:
Lochlan: You can swim in the pools of my waterfalls.
Jade: You can come ride in a kayak down my waterfalls.
Thoughtful Rocky Mountain:
Lochlan: Come zipline on me.
Miles: Come climb on me.
Thoughtful Snowy Mountain:
Evan: You can come ski down my snow.
Thoughtful Tree Mountain:
Ozzie: Come climb on my trees. 
Thoughtful Flower Mountain:
Colette: You can come smell my flowers.
Lakshmi:  Would you like to come climb on me and see all my flowers?
Thoughtful Glacier:
Colette: You can ice skate on my ice.
Moshe: You can have fun on me.

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