Friday, June 1, 2018

From 2 to 5

The younger child and the older child have a unique relationship in our classroom.  
There are many goals we hope a child develops over the course of his/her first year in the preschool environment.
5 year olds in the classroom environment can assist in the achievment of these goals because they have already developed their: 
  • independence
  • self care
  • self control
  • ability to take direction
  • engage with others
  • developed attention span
  • communication
The younger children consider it a privilege to join and play with the older children.
The older children consider it an honor when asked to help a younger child.
The younger children feel a fondness towards the older children after being included in their games.
The groups are bonded.
This creates a situation in which the younger children look to the older children for guidance and knowledge:
How should I behave at group time?  
How do I pass out the plates for snack?  
What games should I play?

 After watching his friends climb up the train engine all year,
Evan figured out a way to climb up himself.  
He was feeling on top of world, and pretty proud.
Depending on when my friends joined The Gan community, the 5 year olds have had a range of 2-4 years in which they have heard:

  • We will be/are generous with the 2 year olds-they are learning. 
  • We need to help the 3 year olds-they are still practicing what they are learning. 
  • As a 4 year old, I know you will remember next time.

For multiple years, the 5 year olds had been on the receiving end of generous, helping hands and kind words.

It is a natural evolution for them to step into the role of extending the helping hand and expressing the kind words.


Watching the older children demonstrates to the entire class that all the children can be leaders for each other. 
We learn from one another.
Moshe watched his friend Evan and decided he could do it also.

We consider every child in the class a leader.  
Having the opportunity to spend multiple years with a child is a privilege.  
It is a joy to look back at where a 5 year old was when they first joined our classroom, and see the person they have grown into as they begin their next adventure.  
It inspiring to see the potential within the youngest of our community, and to have a glimpse of the leaders they will become.

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