Friday, June 8, 2018

Our Adventures in Preschool
Our Adventures in Preschool have included learning how to transform our sour feelings into honey feelings, and learning to help our friends feel like honey.
We learned that being brave can mean using a flashlight when we are scared in the dark, or standing up for a friend when they are being mistreated.
Mistakes can be mini-adventures helping us learn.
Our adventures included making mistakes as we learned to write our names, count to 49 and beyond and maybe even read. 
We keep going making sure we try our best, learning as we go.
Summer approaches and new adventures await us.
Morah Katie: What does Adventure mean to you?
Aura: Something new.
Colette: Hiking.
Jade: Camping.
Ozzie: Going to the airport.
Carson: Discovering animals.
Maia: Having fun.
Emily: Playing with friends.
Maya: Exploring.
Lochlan: Taking a trip.
Miles: Adventure to a new school.
For our friends returning next year, we look forward to continued adventures and discoveries together.
To our friends moving on, we know there are great explorations and successes waiting to be experienced and enjoyed.

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