Friday, December 7, 2018

Menorahs all around

We celebrated the Chanukah holiday with a classroom 
full of fun Chanukah themed activities, manipulatives and experiences.

Balance Menorah
Children walked down the tape to each branch of the menorah to "light" the shamash and the candles.
The child practices lighting a menorah as she develops focus and body awareness.

Tracing Menorahs
Tracing fosters the opportunity for children to strengthen their fine motor control and their eye/hand coordination.

Play dough Menorahs
Play dough develops the muscles in a child's hands needed for writing, cutting 
and other fine motor tasks.

Reading the Chanukah story
"Reading" and retelling the Chanukah story to each other helps each friend comprehend more about the Chanukah miracles.  
Every time they share, they prepare themselves for a greater understanding as they grow.

Lego Menorahs
Lego help preschoolers refine fine motor skills, increase their patience 
and develop problem solving skills.

Spinning the Dreidel
Spinning refines fine motor skills.  The children are learning their Hebrew letters the dreidels fall.
Winning and losing graciously is developed as the children cheer each other.

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