Friday, December 21, 2018

Morah Katie: What have we been exploring this week?
Lochlan: Seasons.
Clive: Four of them.
Emily: It's windy in fall.
Lochlan: Flowers bloom after winter from spring.
Moshe: Plants go down when it's winter, when the snow comes.
Evan: There's winter and fall.
Lochlan: Spring and summer.
Clive: Spring can't decide if it will be a rainy day or sunny day.
Lochlan: In winter, bears go to hibernate. Fall is also whacky and can't decide if it will rain or be sunny.

Morah Katie: Today is thursday, we know friday will is the first day of winter.  If tomorrow is the first day of winter, what does that make today?
Lochlan: The last day of fall.
While the rain took a break, we quickly left our classroom activities behind and took a walk to observe fall weather in action.
It was a whacky fall weather day indeed. We had to postpone our first attempt due to rain.
The children observed gray clouds moving fast in the sky, the wind in action and felt cold air on their cheeks.

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