Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The letter of the week may be "k" as in kites and kangaroos,

but butterflies have invaded our classroom.
Our first butterfly project involved a roll of the dice!
The children rolled a pair of dice, counted the results and had to glue that number of dots to their butterflies.
In addition to the development of fine motor control, these multi-step projects help develop the child's attention span and ability to follow directions independently.

We learned about the life cycle of the butterfly.
Morah Katie: What is the first stage of a butterfly's life?
Levi: Egg
Morah Katie: What grows from the egg?
Dena: Caterpillar
Morah Katie: When the caterpillar has grown nice and fat, what does it form around itself?
Tori: A cocoon
Morah Katie: Caterpillars do form cocoons. The caterpillar's that create cocoons turn into moths. Moths are different from butterflies. Butterflies are brightly colored and fly at day, moths are more simply colored and fly at night. A caterpillar which will turn into a butterfly will form a chrysalis. That is a new big word, say it with me
Morah Katie: What will come out of the chrysalis?
Tori: A butterfly!

We asked in song:
Butterfly, butterfly, what lovely wings
Butterfly, butterfly how my heart sings
Butterfly, Butterfly, I'd like to know,
When it rains, when it rains
where do you go?

We moved our palace from the group meeting room into the reading room and renamed it:
Reading Castle
As the children learn their sounds, they will discover the magic they hold by blending the sounds, and reading.
It will begin with a simple word,
and develop into reading books.
As my friends learn their sounds, they will write the sounds on paper and cover the bricks.
As they begin to write and read words, they will add the words.
As the children begin to read, they will write the title of the book on paper, the date it was read, and add it to the bricks.

We finished our week on "K" with kiwi for snack and some creative writing, the children composed the following poem:

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