Thursday, March 3, 2011

Elmer and Shapes

E was the letter of week.
We read the book "Elmer" and made elphants.

We began talking about shapes.
We learned a quadrilateral is a shape with 4 sides.
We searched the playground for shapes and found circles, squares, rectangles
and even trapezoids!

Morah Katie: What shape is Dena's napkin?
Dena: Square
Morah Katie: Is it a quadrilateral?
Tori: Yes.
Morah Katie: Why?
Tori: It has 4 sides.
Morah Katie: Is a triangle a quadrilateral?
Noah: No
Morah Katie: Why?
Levi: It only has 3 sides!
At group time we sang an action song:
"A little helicopter flying high....
Searching for a (circle/square/trapezoid) from the sky...
On the ground she spots the (_____)
And circles its from way up high!"

Our week would not have been complete without some,


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