Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dena: I am going to be the silly guy, he was silly and didn't think.
Levi: I am going to be King Achashverosh, I have craft jewels on my costume.
Dena: The silly guy is not bad like Darth Vadar, but he is silly and I have a costume and I'm going to be him. Tori is going to be Queen Esther.
Levi: Queen Esther wears big dresses. I am excited for the party, it is later today!!
Dena: It is going to be fun.
Shalom: I am Queen Esther and I am building a castle.
Scout: Haman is sleeping. He was dancing. Now he is sleeping and Queen Esther is dancing and she is quiet and nice.

Kian: That is a good clown, my Haman is colored good too.
Tori: But Haman wasn't good.
Kian: No Haman wasn't good. Haman was the bad guy.
Kian: I am going to build a tall palace.
Dena: We can make a really big palace.
Kian: It will be so big it will have like a million rooms.
Dena: A million rooms?!?! That's a lot of rooms.
Morah Katie: (holding a triangle) What shape is this?
Dena: A triangle.
Morah Katie: How do you know?
Dena: It has 3 points.
Morah Katie: (holding a different triangle) How about this? What is this shape?
Levi: IT'S a triangle!
Morah Katie: But it doesn't look like this one.
Ben: It is a triangle, it has 3 sides.
Noah: It has points on it.
Morah Katie: OK, tell what shape this is? (another different triangle)
Morah Katie: So let me see if I understand, as long as a shape has 3 point, 3 sides, it is a triangle?
Levi: YES!
Morah Katie: What do you think of when you think of a celebration?
Levi: Desserts on a table
Ben: People talking.
Morah Katie: For our class Megillah, we need a picture of a celebration, do you think you can both work together to create a celebration picture?
Levi: I can make the food and table.
Ben: I can draw the people talking.
Morah Katie: I can't wait to see what the two of you create.
Morah Tzivie: Scout what did you and Efraim create?
Scout: A feast.
Morah Tzivie: Really, what do we have at a feast?
Scout: Food.
Our megillah is complete! We listened to Morah Tzivie as she read us the Purim story we created! And we each get one for our very own!
Nosh Nosh a Hamantashen, well not quite yet, but we will once they are baked!
We gathered together to create our Mishloach Manos for our friends.
We each had a bag and filled it with delicious treats.
Then we got a secret name from Morah Tzivie and gave that friend our bag.

It was so fun to make a treat for someone else and share the delicious goodies with our friends!

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