Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We discovered that whales are mammals.
Whales, like fish, live in the ocean their entire lives, but breathe air like land mammals, like Humans!

Morah Katie: There are 2 types of whales, toothed whales and mustached whales.
Orcas, belugas, and dolphins are toothed whales. Why do you think they are in that group?
Kian: They have teeth!
Morah Katie: A moustached whale, or baleen whale, does not have teeth. They have baleen, thick flexable sheets that come together when the whale closes its jaws.
They take big gulps of water full of shrimp and small fish, then close their jaws pressing the water out and keeping the food in.
"I'm a mighty orca
black and white,
in the ocean I'm a beautifyul sight.
I may be small but I am sleek,
I hunt for my food because I have...

Morah Katie : baleen..
Levi: NO! Orca's have teeth!
Morah Katie:Oh, so what type of whale can I be ?
Dena: A humpback whale has baleen!
"I'm a humpback whale
I'm very strong
I leap about and sing a song
I like to eat my fill in the Northern Sea,
But in the winter, South I flee."
We listened to the difference between a humpback song and an orca song, please invite your child to share their impression of each whale.

Morah Katie: How are humans and whales similar?
Levi: We breathe air.
Morah Katie: How are humans and whales different?
Dena: We don't live in water.
Morah Katie: Humans and whales are both mammals. We both breathe air.
We live on land, and maybe swim in the ocean or ride on boats, but whales are MARINE mammals who live their entire lives in the ocean!
What do you think Marine means?
Ben: Water.
(Tori is drawing a seascape with swimmers)
Morah Katie: What are some ways humans can be in the ocean?
Levi: Swim
Ben: Scuba dive
Noah: Be on a boat.
Dena: in a submarine.
Morah Katie: Can we live IN the water?
Kids: NO!!
Morah Katie: Can a whale live ON land?
Kids: NO!!!
Constructing and driving the submarine in the Gan Ocean.
Ben and Kian are building hand held submarines.
above song in bold is sung to tune of "I'm a little teapot"

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