Tuesday, March 20, 2012

It began like any other week.
Children came into the classroom with excitement and plans to learn and play.
But something is different.
We are preparing to trade items on our Shabbat table
for a SEDER table!
Morah Tzive began to tell us about the beautiful, special holiday of Passover.
Morah Tzivie: We don't eat challah at the Seder meal, we eat...
Kids: Matzah!!
Morah Tzivie: We don't use a challah cover, we use a beautiful...
Kids: Seder Plate!!!
Morah Tzive continued to explain to us that at the Seder meal we get to have 4! cups of grape juice!
And we have place a very special cup on the table, Elijah's cup.

In home living we created our own Seder table.
After we set the table,we invited friends to join us.
We ate a hard boiled egg and bitter herbs.
We dipped the potato in salt water.
We enjoyed our 4 cups of juice, and set a cup out for Elijah.

Morah Katie: Tell me about your dinner table?
Dena: I made a shabbat dinner, but now we are having a Seder dinner.
Morah Katie: Kian, what are you eating?
Kian: It's bitter.
Morah Katie: Is that challah I see?
Dena: We are hiding it because we don't eat challah.
Scout: Why are there 4 cups?
Dena: It's a Seder meal.
Shalom: But no challah.
Morah Katie: Do you have any vegetables for dipping?
Shalom: Yes and salt water too. It's a Seder.
Next week we will begin to answer the questions of why this night is so different from every other night and why we eat such interesting foods!

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