Tuesday, November 20, 2012

At the Gan we express our thanks throughout the day.
 We begin our day by singing our thanks.
Thank you Hashem for all the sunshine
and for the raindrops that must fall
For the flowers in springtime, 
and for the Torah we're thankful most of all
Morah Katie:  We are grateful for the sun, rain, flowers and the Torah.
We sing our gratitude everyday.  What are some other things you are thankful for?
Josiah: Gramma's and Grandpa's
Noah: All of our my preschool friends
Dena: A house
Tori: The Torah
Efraim: Hats
Dena: Coats
Aaron: Movies
Kian: Mom's and Dad's

In honor of Thanksgiving,
we created "thankful turkeys".

One of the things that generated a lot of thanks was food.
We talked about how the food comes to our table.
Morah Katie: How do you think the apples and tangerines made their way to our snack table?
Josiah: Well they grew from the a tree from a seed from the ground.
Morah Katie: They did, what do you think happened after they grew on the tree?
Kian: A farmer picked them.
Dena: And the farmer brought them to school or a store.
Morah Katie: We can be grateful for the work of the farmer and the clerks at the store, and our mom's and dad's for buying the fruit.  There is more to be grateful for, what do the fruit trees need to grow the fruit? 
Dena: Dirt
Tori: Sun
Morah Katie: Who provides the dirt and sun?
Dena: Well Hashem does.
Morah Katie: When we say our blessings before we eat, what are we doing?
Kian: Thanking Hashem for our food.

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