Thursday, November 8, 2012

The first Tuesday of November can be a very big day.
In honor of election day nationwide, we held an election at The Gan.
This particular election determined what fruit we enjoyed at snack.
Morah Katie:  We have been talking about our place in space, in the world. In the universe our place in space is on the planet....?
Dena: Earth.
Morah Katie: On Earth our place is....?
Tori: North America.
Morah Katie: On North America our place is...?
Kian: United States America.
Morah Katie: And in the United States of America, our state is...?
Noah: Washington.
Morah Katie: Today, all over the United States, adults will be voting. We are going to have our own election. An election is an opportunity to express what you want, your opinion.

We had 2 choices, apple or olive.
We tasted the apple; we tasted the olive.
We marked our ballot for which fruit we preferred.
We put our ballot in the box at our voting booth.
We tallied the votes and discovered which fruit was liked the most.

The votes were tallied and it was easy to see early on that Apple would win in a landslide.
Shouts of "Hooray"  "Yay" were heard through out the building.

We continue to develop our grace and courtesy.
Chalk is a wonderful medium for art. When everyone works together to erase the slate, it allows for a new canvas to be used.
It is always kind to hold the door for your friends.
Helping a friend write their name is a kind act and something to feel proud of.
Problem solving to create a solution which benefits the entire class is respectful to the whole community.
Participation in the preparation and offering of snack demonstrates grace and care of others.
It is always kind and gracious to help a friend in need.

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