Friday, November 16, 2012

The last habitat we have been learning about is our very own Pacific Northwest temperate rain forest.
Similar to the Amazonian Rain Forest, our temperate rain forest has layers.
The tall emergent conifers, the canopy of deciduous trees, the shrubs and the forest floor.

Morah Katie: The Pacific Northwest is a habitat with some very cool trees.  Some of the trees we have in our neighborhood are Evergreen trees. They are always green.
Noah: Yeah I've seen some of the those around my house.
Morah Katie: These trees that are ever green have a special name, Coniferous. It is a big word.
Children: Con if er ous.
Morah Katie: Coniferous trees are always growing new leaves or needles, so these trees are always?
Dena: GREEN!
Morah Katie: Do we have any evergreen trees or shrubbery around the Gan?
Kian: Right outside.

Morah Katie: What other trees do we have in the Pacific Northwest, and around the Gan?
Dena: The ones that lose their leaves.
Morah Katie: They have a special name also, they are Deciduous trees. What are the deciduous trees doing right now?
Tori: They are changing colors and falling to get ready for winter.
Morah Katie: Why is the Pacific Northwest a rain forest?
Josiah: It rains a lot.
Morah Katie: Does it rain all the time?
Noah: Not all the time but a lot.
Morah Katie: Our rain forest collects the fall and winter rain, and in the summer the fog brings MORE water and moisture.   
We sang a song about trees; we were Coniferous Fir trees and Deciduous Willow trees.
There are some interesting animals in our temperate rain forest.
We used our binoculars to "hunt" for a bear and a moose!
We dodged trees, splashed across streams and rivers, tiptoed over beaver lodges, squelched in mud and pushed through grasses. 
On our "hunts" and "trail walks' we discovered our forest is home to not only to bears and moose, but also elk, cougars, owls, butterflies, beavers, deer, squirrels, eagles and so many more.

We also:
Enjoyed our lunch while watching a crane deliver construction materials
Greeted Ari's brother.

We continue to play, learn and build friendships.

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