Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Little Torah
Little Torah
Let me hold you tight
Teach me
Teach me
All your mitzvos 
so I can do them right
Morah Katie: What is a mtizvah the Torah has taught you?
Josiah: The Torah teaches us about the Torah.
Kian: It teaches us to do nice things.
Morah Katie: What type of nice things does it teach?
Noah: It tells us about all the holidays.
Dena: To do nice things for others like help.
Efraim: Sing songs of Torah.
Gracie: To give to people.
Tori: It teaches us to share with friends.

The mitzvos the children spoke about occur each day, in small and big gestures of kindness and friendship.
They happen when children share one toy at a table;
and when an older friend comes to visit and play.

We are very excited to celebrate two new 5 year olds!!!  Congratulations Kian and Noah!

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