Friday, December 14, 2012

This week we:
bundled up to enjoy the winter weather;

made Chanukah crafts to enjoy with our families;
created Chanukah fun in the classroom;

and watched with anticipation and awe each day as Rabbi lit our classroom menorah.
A Chanukah conversation:
Dena: Tori and I get to light the candles for our menorah.
Gracie: We put our menorah on the big table. We have 3!! menorahs.
Josiah: We have 2 menorah's, one that has curls and curves on it and one that doesn't.
Anton: We have a menorah.  We light it every night.
Tori:  We get to pick the candles we put in our menorah too.
Noah: We light the candles each night and we open presents.
Isaac: We put candles up each night, it lights up the sky.
Dena: We are going to take a picture of all our menorah's with all our candles on the last night. It is going to be so bright.
Noam: We light candles, the candles are in the menorah. 

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