Thursday, December 6, 2012

Morah Katie: Let's pretend I am from a different place and I don't know anything about the holiday of Chanukah.  What should I know? 
Noah: Well it happened a long time ago.
Dena: They would light the menorah in the Holy Temple.
Morah Katie: Who would light the menorah?
Tori: The Kohens and Judah Maccabee did.
Morah Katie: How did they light the menorah.
Dena: With Oil.
Morah Katie: Where did the oil come from.
Tori: They get the olives from trees and smash them and the oil would rise to the top.
Noah: The Syrian Greeks wrecked the temple.
Tori: They got the oil and spilt it.
Noah: The Greeks said don't celebrate and only make bad choices.
Morah Katie: What bad choices did they say to make?
Kian: Don't thank Hashem in the morning.
Gracie: Don't sing the Torah songs.
Morah Katie: That sounds pretty bad, what happened?
Isaac: They chased they bad guys and played dreidels.
Morah Katie: Who chased the bad guys away?
Tori: The Maccabees.
Gracie: The Maccabees made it so we could make good choices.
Tori: They were so brave they chased the Greeks away.
The young  Maccabees at The Gan played a good trick on the Greek solider who was bugging them.
After these smart brave young kids tricked the Greek solider, they chased her away.  
When they returned to the "temple" they had to search for the oil.
We found it!
 We had a lot of fun building a block Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple).
We enjoyed playing dreidels in our "cave".
We have been preparing for our holiday celebration!

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