Friday, March 1, 2013

Our tongues had a lot of fun this week.  It is not very often we are asked to stick our tongues out!
Morah Katie: What part of our bodies do we use for our sense of taste?
Josiah: Our mouth.
Morah Katie: When I call you, come up to me and stick your tongue out. Look at it closely. Do you see the bumps on your tongue?
Kian: Yes.
Morah Katie: Those bumps are your taste buds, our tongues use those bumps to taste things.
Noam: My tongue has bumps. 
We had a taste test during snack.
We tried salt vs. sweet.
We discovered chips in all varieties are delicious, and many of us preferred the salty chips to the sweet bananas or apples.  
We felt our taste buds were tricking us when we tried the sweet potato chips. 
Josiah: These taste sweet.
Dena: They taste salty too. 
Kian: They are sweet and salty!
We made "tasting tongues" to help us map the areas the taste buds on our tongues.
We created Chef tasting plates.
Dena: The soup would be salty, so would the beans. The strawberries and pancakes are sweet. So is the juice.  But the pretzels would be salty with the chicken. 
A second snack tasting was bitter vs. sour.
Kian: (speechless after the unsweetened cocoa)
Isaac: (in reference to the unsweetened cocoa) THIS IS YUCKY
Josiah: (in reference to the unsweetened cocoa)Yeah I wouldn't want seconds of that.
Other opinions about the bitter and sour items:
Dena: Walnuts are bitter, then sweet and salty.
Kian: The cucumber peel is sweet and bitter. And I do love lemons
Isaac: Wow.
Scout: The grapefruit is sweet and sour. Our taste buds are bumps that help us taste.
We finished the week with a variety of tastes our plates, sweet bananas and pears; sour lemons and grapefruit; salty chips.  
To my "surprise" the children did not seem disappointed when I told them there was no unsweetened cocoa.

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